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Longarm Quilting

We offer edge to edge computerized long arm quilting.

Designs: We have lots of designs and would be happy to help you find a design that will look perfect on your quilt.

Thread: We have a variety of thread colors. You get to pick the color you want for the quilting. Each bobbin used on your quilt is $2.50. Variegated thread costs significantly more and those bobbins are $2.75. A bobbin in the longarm holds much more thread than a bobbin for a domestic sewing machine. I figure an average of 4 full bobbins for a queen, but that is variable based on the density and pattern picked. 

Cost: The price for your quilt is based on square inches and the density or backstitching of the design you pick. We would meet for a consult on the price of your quilt. I will not do phone estimates. 

Quilt top: When adding borders to your top, the quilt will have the best results if you measure across your quilt in 3 places and then cut your border to an average of those numbers. Sometimes borders can ripple or look wavy because they stretch. It is recommended to measure and cut instead of sewing on a long strip and trimming the ends.

Your quilt top (and backing) need to be squared up so that it goes on the long arm frame straight and also has square corners. If the top has a lot of seams along the edges, please do a 1/8" stay stitch around the 4 edges of the quilt. There is some tugging when loading onto the frame and we want the seams to be secure and not open during the loading process. 

It is also a good idea to check your seams to be sure they are secured. We try to check, but if one is open or if you didn't quite catch the edge in your seams, there will be an opening or "hole" in the top of the quilt after the quilting. 

Take a peek at the back of the quilt top. You can trim any long threads that are hanging or nested together. I try to catch the big ones but if there are some darker threads hanging, you may see them through the quilt top in the lighter parts. 
Backing: I need to have at least 5" over on each of the 4 sides of your quilt. When the backing is loaded, I pin the edges and clamp the sides. I need those extra inches. If you have more than 5" inches around, that is even better! Please do not attach the backing to anything- the backing, top, and batting are loaded separately.  You will need to square up your backing so that the overall rectangle shape has 4 square corners and opposite sides are the same length. 

Batting: You may supply your own batting; however, please know that not all batting is equal. Some battings are lesser quality and may not give your quilt the best finished look. The shop carries a variety of batting that is known to work well. You could purchase pre-cut batting sold in bags or purchase from me as part of your longarm quilting. My longarm batting comes on a roll and is often more affordable than you might think. 

Please make sure your quilt top and backing are squared up. There are videos on YouTube to help you do this or stop in to the shop for help. 

We are happy to help you with any questions!