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My name is Katie and here's my quilting story.

  Quilting became a hobby I didn't know I needed. A couple of years after my mom passed away from cancer, my aunt Sandy invited me to take quilt lessons. She found an ad in the local paper to sign up for lessons and we signed up together. I had never really used a sewing machine before, but I had a very old sewing machine that had belonged to my mom. My mom had never really sewed either- the machine was just always in the back of a bedroom closet. I hauled the heavy machine to classes each week. I probably never changed a needle and the instructor probably got sick of trying to help me get the tension just right. But I kept going and focused on finishing my first quilt. 

  Well, I was hooked! I loved picking out fabric for a new project. I really loved cutting and piecing blocks. It was fun to pick out patterns for the longarmer. Quilting become a way for me to relax and create something that would be used, loved, and a way to practice art. This became my stress reliever. And nothing beats learning from other quilters and the feeling of community when sharing. 

  During this time, I was finishing up my degree in elementary education. I worked as a first/second grade teacher and practiced my quilting on weekends or summers. I really wanted to learn more about longarm quilting, so I started by taking some classes. Finally I was able to purchase my own longarm and work on more projects and quilt for others. After about 14 years of teaching elementary school, I have decided to follow another dream and open a quilt shop. I continue to learn and look forward to working with others who want to learn or try something new. 

  I am married and have 2 daughters and 2 dogs. They have been so supportive through the years and I am grateful for their patience. My daughters are very involved in softball and we enjoy watching them play and grow in their sport. You may see them at the shop when they have some free time. Our golden doodle and lab like to chew on bones and chase tennis balls. 

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